Monday, August 10, 2009

Our California Vacation!

This how we started out our vacation. Evan got hit in the head by Avery's follow thru playing tennis. He got a big gash in his head & Jeremy & I rushed him to the Emergency Room at Dixie Regional Medical Center. Ouch. He was so brave while the nurse gave him two layers of stitches. He got a yummy popsicle when he was all done.

Our friend has this juicer at his house in Santa Monica. The kids loved making fresh-squeezed orange juice. They just had to go outside to the orange tree to pick their orange.

My sweet Beach Babe enjoying the one day it wasn't cloudy. We had a fun afternoon at the beach!

Our amazing friend let Jeremy & I drive the Lamborghini to Malibu on the Pacific Coast Highway! We went to an awesome Sushi Restaurant where our friend treated us to our first taste of sushi. I loved it. Jeremy couldn't get past the funky texture.

We took the kids to Long Beach to the Aquarium. It was so awesome. We loved it! We had our friend's daughter with us. They had a blast touching all the sharks & sting rays.

Here they are posing in a fun play area at the aquarium.

On to Disneyland!! We surprised the kids & took them to Disneyland. What a fun couple of days! We made them ride a few scary ones, and don't know if they will ever forgive us, but that's what they get for making me go on the teacups!!

The classic family pose at the entrance to Disneyland! We had such a great time! The kids got to meet a lot of the princesses & Disney characters.

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  1. It looked like you guys had a great time! Welcome to the blogging world!